Beautiful kitchen accessories for your home.

Our aluminium Stag Head Wine Cooler, with its matte, textured finish and decorative stags heads, is an attractive way to keep a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne chilled to perfection. Great for special occasions and festive celebrations. Further Stag Collection pieces available inspired by the stature and beauty of this magnificent creature, all making a stunning addition to any home.


Our aluminium Stag Wine Bottle Holder is a great way to prevent condensation marks on your precious furniture which can be a real dampener when enjoying your favourite bottle of wine. Simply sit your wine bottle inside the holder to collect any moisture from the bottle and stop any marking. Looks great when combined with our Stag Bottle Stop.


Turn an empty bottle of vintage wine or champagne into a stunning table centrepiece with our new bottle candelabra. Designed to hold 3 tapered candles, simply pop into the top of a bottle in the same way you would a bottle stop, add the candles and light for instant dining elegance.


"Gorgeous home decor so much more creative, sophisticated and higher quality than the general high street shops. Gives you a home that stands out from the rest. My favourite."
- Mandy Carey-Templeman