Candles & Accesories



Rustic Candle Stone 60h 7 x 15 cm.


Rustic Candle Stone Fat 120h 10 X 15 cm.


Rustic Candle DUSTY ROSE Medium 60h 7 x 15 cm


Rustic Bordeaux SmallSmall 45h 7 x 10 cm.


Rustic Candle Bordeaux Medium 60h 7 x 15 cm.


Trendy, retro Pineapple Candle Snuffer.


Luster Glass Candle Holder 11cm X 11cm


Beautiful antique brass birdfeet candlestick XL for wick pillar candles.


Beautiful Pineapple Wall Sconce


"Gorgeous home decor so much more creative, sophisticated and higher quality than the general high street shops. Gives you a home that stands out from the rest. My favourite."
- Mandy Carey-Templeman